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BFS Ver 2.0

Putting the finishing touches on the new BFS site and wanted to post about the changes and features. One of the major changes with the site is that posts will be tracked by zip code. This simplifies things on our end as far as setting up new boards and adds a lot of options for searching that previously were not available. New feature, you will be able to submit posts from your email now. That's right you do not even need to login to the site just send an email to the post-handler and the listing will appear on the site, pretty nice. You have to send the email from the email address you registered with and yes you can attach your images also. Each user will be assigned an anonymous email that is displayed in their listings. Emails will be forwarded to your registered email and you can choose to respond or not. Still debating if I will keep in-site messaging or not, it seams a little redundant. In addition, the main site will become This means no more [baseName], since zip codes are being used all we need is the zip code for your area. Eielson's example is The 50 represents the distance in miles, of posts that you want to view.

Added 25 Aug 2012

Site Updates

We are currently working on finishing an updated database design for the site that will result in a speed and management improvement. Site code changes will be on hold until the database is completed. We are incorporating zip codes into the site to make it easier to find existing board and setup new ones. With the new database we hope to have an app for the i-phone and compatible devices, some new categories added to the site, optional e-mail message when users are sent in-site messages and a 100% functional FaceBook app.

Added 31 May 2012

Hanscom AFB

Hanscom AFB site setup at

Added 19 Dec 2011

BFS Mobile Alpha Release

BFS mobile is available for the Android. You can get it from the Android Market by searching for BFS. BFS Mobile

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